Welcomce to our Departments

CEO Responsibility
Make long-term plan and vital decisions, sustain a healthy and rapid development environment for enterprise.
Sales Department Responsibility
Expanding own products’ whole market shares, keep stable win-win cooperation with customers.
Financial Department Responsibility
Formulate reasonable financial regulations, do all financial settlement and management.
Purchase Department Responsibility
Optimize SCM system, develop liable and powerful suppliers, make sure that all raw materials come in time, with good quality.
Quality Control Department Responsibility
IQC inspect and be sure that all input raw materials in good quality and quantity without delay; OQC inspect and be sure that all outgoing finish products in good quality and quantity timely.
Engineer Department Responsibility
Research and develop well-shaped and well-functioned products, design installation solution, help to solve customer complaint.
Warehouse Department Responsibility
Store and clear every minute’s quantity of all IQC passed raw materials and OQC passed finish products, remind purchase department add new quantities in time.
Production Department Responsibility
Produce and pack good quality products, in time, in full quantity requested by orders.
Administrative Department Responsibility
Motivate staff morale by organizing meetings and activities, modify company rules and cooperate with other departments if necessary.
Network Department Responsibility
Build real all-sided enterprise image, get more close to potential customers, update website promotion information timely.

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